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If I bought your tests, how are they delivered?
After purchasing a test, we will send you an email with a username and password and instructions that lets you take the test online. After you take the test, we will interpret it for you and send your results back via email.

Where does Personality Type come from? Are you born with your personality?
This has been a much debated topic in the field of personality. There are some that believe that type is an essential and inherent part of who you are, and there are others that believe your personality comes from your environment. We at believe that each individual's personality has equal influences from both.

Isn't it possible to change our type as a result of experiences or as a result of pressure to be different?
Under most "normal" circumstances, no. While we may change the way we behave and may develop all kinds of adaptive or accommodating skills or habits, we do not change our personality type. Now, under extraordinary circumstances (i.e. serious child abuse, extensive experience in a lifestyle or career that runs counter to your normal operating style), people can and sometimes do become so affected (or damaged) that they no longer recognize their "true" selves. But in most situations, all we are really changing is our behavior - not our inborn preference.

Why Test?
Save & Make Money
Much has been written about the costs of hiring the wrong person. Conversely, hiring the right person can save you money and make you money. helps you generate more sales and higher profits, saves you time, reduces hiring and training costs, minimizes employee turnover, improves day-to-day management, and helps you unleash the untapped potential in each of your sales reps.
Build happier, more productive workforce
An employee can succeed wildly in one job and fail miserably in another. That's because all employment positions are unique. Some positions require assertive and independent types, while others need more helpful, service-oriented types. Some require a strong technical orientation while others are more consultative. The key to a happy, productive workforce is to hire people with the personality variables most suited to your position.

Do job applicants refuse to take tests?
Not in our experience. In the years we have been doing this we have not had one reported case of a job applicant refusing to take the test.'s tests are designed to be non-offensive and non-intrusive.

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