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The most complete career management tool

In the wake of today’s rapid-change job market, the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument provides you with a solid, dependable career planning tool. The Strong measures your clients’ interests in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and school subjects. Its validity and reliability far exceed those of any other interest inventory:
  • Sample size is 13 times larger than that of other career planning inventories
  • Sample base represents a wide range of educational, ethnic, and socioeconomic levels
  • Instrument includes results on the 6 Holland Themes, 25 basic interests, 109 contemporary occupations, and 4 personal styles
  • Using the family of Strong/career planning products, you can help your clients plan each step along their career path, with one goal in mind: to match their interests with careers.

When should you take the Strong Interest Inventory® instrument?

Strong Interest Inventory® instrument is an essential resource for any professional who needs help making career decisions, including:
  • People considering a career change
  • Employees seeking more satisfying work within an organization
  • Students exploring career options
  • Organizations looking to retain star performers and key staff
  • Midlife and older adults planning their retirement
Strong Interest Inventory® Assessments...
Report Name Report Description Cost
The Encyclopedic Dictionary for Graphanalysis 4th Ed, IGAS Instruction Department
Basic Traits of Graphoanalysis Volume I, IGAS Instruction Dept
Basic Traits of Graphoanalysis Volume II, IGAS Instruction Dept
Bunker on Evaluation, M.N. Bunker
Evaluation Guide, S. Rodgers
Case Book No. 1, M.N. Bunker
Case Book No. 2, M.N. Bunker
Theory and Practice of Counseling for Graphoanalysts, J. Crumbaugh
Literary Aptitude, E.Stockholm
Graphoanalytic® Aspects of Intelligence, E. Stockholm
Portraits in Handwriting, Volume I, IGAS Instruction Dept
Portraits in Handwriting, Volume II, IGAS Instruction Dept
Dictionary of Stroke Structures in Graphoanalysis®
A Man is What Happens to a Boy, E. Stockholm
Crisis in Human Development, E. Stockholm
A Synopsis of Traits with Positive and Negative Aspects, B. Atwell, Volume 1
A Synopsis of Traits with Positive and Negative Aspects, B. Atwell, Volume 2
Character and Career, IGAS Instruction Dept
Fears and Defenses, IGAS Instruction Dept
Evaluated Traits of Graphoanalysis, IGAS Instruction Dept
The Logic of Evaluation, T. Lalime,
Vocational Direction Through Handwriting Analysis:The Vocational Graphoanalytic® Inventory, Irene Lambert
packet of 10 Compatibility Worksheets
IGAS Level 1 Textbook
IGAS Level 2 Textbook
IGAS Level 3 Textbook
Copy of IGAS Course Books (Old Style)
Basic Steps DVD (available to members only)
IGAS Journal Reprint (available to members only)
Genealogy Graphoanalysis, by Irene Lambert
IGAS Member PlaqueIGAS Member Plaque
MBTI Team Report
Old Basic Steps Kit
Copy of The Journal of Graphoanalysis®Copy of The Journal of Graphoanalysis®
The Handwriting of the Presidents, AnalyzedThe Handwriting of the Presidents, Analyzed
Copy of one Level of General Course TestsCopy of one level of General Course Tests
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